Conserving and protecting our waterways, one garment at a time.

Did you know?

The textile industry is one of the GREATEST detrimental contributors to the environment; clothes, footwear and household textiles are responsible for water pollution (microplastics, dye run-off, production consumption), greenhouse gas emissions and landfill. After oil, textiles are the second largest water polluter.

What's the solution?

SVETEX - novel smart polyethylene (PE) based fibers and fabrics for the textile industry.

While SVETEX materials have superior functionality (stain resistance, cooling, antibacterial, shielding, quick wash/dry, among others), the material is environmentally friendly and demonstrates how it can be a superior sustainable material that also:

  • Significantly reduces water consumption for production.

  • Eliminates water pollution caused by dying.

  • Drastically reduces microplastic water pollution caused by synthetic textiles.

  • Garners a real opportunity for sustainability and recyclability of textiles and derivative products.

How proven MIT based technology can achieve this...

Sustainable - Smart Performance - Comfortable - Affordable